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PH Facility success cases for each Division.

POSTE ITALIANE – Automation Maintenance Division

Poste Italiane is the most effective test to measure the functionality and the success of the PH facility Maintenance Model.
In partnership with Leonardo Automation (then Selex ES), we presented a project which wanted to innovate its industrial proposal with that of our company in the field of “industrial services”, entrusting it to the operation of the systems.

We are talking about 16 major Post Mechanization Centers located in Italy in a non-synergic way, very distant and not connected to each other and with a request for strict SLAs: onsite 24h assistance and system availability always above 97% in 24 hours.

PH facility takes up the challenge and uses a systematic approach to business process improvement of all processes: deriving its corporate culture from Facility Management, i.e. from the “service culture”, it deals with the industrial theme with an entirely new project, already highly appreciated and qualified during the offer.

It forms multitasking technicians throughout the territory, capable of facing every type of system, and builds a first “corporate network” where all the operating technicians, dedicated to the project for the just in time resolution of problems, are constantly connected. It also organizes in a barycentric way efficient mini-offices with a refreshment point (guesthouse, relaxation area) available to the operators, who are indispensable to the various management scales of the Centers, always assisting them with internal and central company technicians working side by side to optimize the workforce without weighing economically on the system.

The result of the reengineering model business process, has allowed Leonardo Automation/PH facility to make the performance of its systems more efficient for Poste Italiane, by promoting a new and more modern business process modeling.

PH Facility success cases for each Division

HITACHI – Facility Management Division

Within our Facility Management division, Hitachi has been representing the evolution of our model’s value for the past 25 years.

The story began in 1992 when the railway plants, now owned by the Japanese, were called Stabilimenti Breda Costruzioni Ferroviarie, which became Ansaldo Breda in 2002 and, in 2016, Hitachi Rail. During all these changes and reversals, PH facility was the reference supplier of Facility Management services.


We have managed the environmental hygiene processes, the logistics and warehouse flows in the production processes, support activities in the final stages of the staging of railway structures, we organized storage of spare parts abroad, built specifications and performance specifications, modified the models management, professionalized human resources, optimized and modernized the plants and equipment.

Each new property has appreciated the “PH facility style”, always offering new challenges and new requirements, to which we responded with humility and awareness of our added value.

PH Facility success cases for each Division.

ILVA – Environmental Division

A very complex customer, complicated, in the years of commissioner’s management, by the emergence of problems deriving from the more than ten years of steel mill sludge and blast furnace powder, and thereby subjected to strict controls by the competent Supervisory Bodies.

PH facility intervenes with an innovative proposal in the field of environmental consulting, that is, the total recovery of its steelworks waste.

We have created a network of exclusive subjects, formed a quality supply chain starting from the analytical and from the characterization of the material up to its logistic phases of waste transport. By entering into specially established treatment plants, the aim is to converge the material thus treated in the raw materials market.

PH facility has substantially regenerated, outside of the standard waste-management market processes, important flows of customer material handling in a continuous improvement process.

This has led the customer to trust us for further and even higher quantities of waste, both for Italy and abroad.



PH facility goes beyond the standard solution, its strong “service culture” comes from the industrial facility management and always brings out the “specificity” of the customer, an important and unique subject for production and logistic needs and, not infrequently, for its environmental criticalities for which effective solutions are needed.

This brings PH facility to overcome the typical performance of environmental services with the most complete and rational offer of a “governance”. A method that sees us engaged in the field in close contact with the Producer in all its process phases, during which we analyze the needs analytically. Offering, in an effective synthesis, a completely personalized project that will be measured on the basis of the results envisaged and monitored from the point of view of continuous full compliance with the regulations. And, finally yet importantly, constantly optimized in a modern technical-economic efficiency always shared with the customer.

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