PH Facility and innovative processes in Global Service

PH Facility, a constantly evolving service company. We innovate the concept of service.

PH facility, a company operating in the Global Service framework, has managed to innovate the concept of service itself; this evolution has been able to transmute the customer’s needs into an offer of innovative and professional processes, perceived as a value and not as a cost.

We are a service company, acting in the complex world of Global Service as a sophisticated multipurpose medium; we are able to provide our customers with an authentic response to their needs and a partnership based on trust and transparency.

The cornerstone of this vision is the constant innovation of our methods and tools. Above all, human resources are understood as a subject deserving real attention, by the company, in estabilishing a correct relationship based on trust, motivation and training, always keeping in mind what they represent: the engine that propels the company and the heart of the innovative processes offered.

Holistic vision and business intelligence.

A service company with a widespread know-how between operators and management.

Our projects are shared on all levels, from management to operators. The engineering of every working process and the activation of production units made up of qualified and fully responsible resources, allows rapid, flexible and proactive activities. Our concept of Global Service stems from a deep awareness and planning of the project by all the staff involved.

The global vision of the process allows each dedicated operator to anticipate problems and to adjust the working flow accordingly; this means significantly reducing time and costs, in favor of improving the supply chain of services offered.

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In our brochure you’ll find our Offering described in detail, and the background of management and staff. PH facility is a Global Service company that has learned to completely transfer its corporate vision to its collaborators and customers.


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