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Our structure offers a unique panorama of solutions in the Global Service framework

The solid structure and the capillary organization of PH Facility allow us to offer unique solutions in the so-called “Global Service”: Facility Management in Industry, Healthcare and large institutional bodies, in full compliance with modern European concepts.

The evolution of its value in the field of this particular sector is given by the years-long experience that comes from two generations of entrepreneurs.

The fields of Facility Management division, where today PH Facility is able to successfully manage large projects are: building management, sanification and industrial cleaning, environment, moving and logistics.

The constant consolidation of its model and the widespread presence on the national territory, coupled with the careful enhancement of its human resources, are the main tools that enable PH Facility to always propose effective and innovative answers.

The values that distinguish us

In the last three years, PH Facility can claim over 1 million managed square meters in industry, large public buildings and healthcare. All Facility Management processes are certified.

What our company offers:

  • A project office able to engineer and customize building management, sanitation and cleaning services, environmental management, moving, warehouse management and production process logistics.
  • A centralized training staff.
  • An administrative and management staff office dedicated to over 700 Facility Management workers

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Download the institutional brochure of the Facility Management division and discover the company’s expertise and the main tools that have ensured the company’s solidity and value over time. Find out the success stories of PH facilities related to the various application sectors.

Finally, discover the successful cases and the staff of PH facility in the field of Facility Management.






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