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Professionalism and competence are at the base of our department dedicated to Automation Technology.

For PH Facility, the complex area of technological maintenance services in industrial automation systems, ranging from postal handling and parcels, to large automated storage, pharmaceutical automation and to food processing is a strategic sector.

The innovation brought by PH Facility in the industrial automation market consists in having shifted the focus of the company from the machine to the man, increasing its technical training in depth to transform it into a real “diagnostician” able to detect system anomalies with speed and effectiveness, and optimizing resolution times.

PH Facility has invested, and continues to do so, in training and in the most modern tools, in order to make each individual technical operator independent in management, but internally connected with the corporate neural system, that supports it for any need and purpose, all for the satisfaction of the Customer.

The management phase and our highly qualified personnel characteristics

  • Management, maintenance and operation of industrial plants:
  • Corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance
  • Proprietary technologies: PH provides its technicians for training sessions at the customer’s site
  • Management of interventions by ticket, email, text message or call
  • Highly professional staff with the following skills:
    • Electric (PES, PAV, PEI)
    • Electronic
    • Mechanic
    • Mechatronic
    • Software Environment
  • Presence on the whole Italian territory, including islands
  • General and specific workplace safety training for Legislative Decree 81/08
  • Training for use of PLE, DPI 3rd Cat., Enabling work at height, enabling forklift driving
  • Management, shipping and inventory of spare parts with dedicated hubs
  • Assembly, disassembly, retrofit of plants in Italy and abroad
  • Help Desk Service
  • Technical supervision and management with our plant staff during production peaks

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Download the official brochure of the Automation Maintenance division and discover the company’s expertise and its “network” of technicians in continuous growth on Italian and foreign territories able to reach the customer in less than 3 hours from the call, providing the perfect system diagnosis and the professionalism of the System specialist.

Finally, discover the successful cases and the PH facility partners in the field of world automation.






Corrado Cugnetto

Operation services director

Tel. +39 010 3106228 r.a.


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