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The Environmental Division boasts a great technical capacity and a widespread know-how, able to offer environmental advice in constant technological updating.

PH Facility offers recovery solutions in the environmental sector, according to the specific needs of the client, ranging from technical and legal environmental consultancy, to logistics to the destination plant, in full compliance with modern European concepts. It works every day for the sustainable development of environmental issues in the field of management, waste disposal and trade at national and international levels of MPS.

This great value is possible thanks to technical skills, always up-to-date professional operators, full compliance with regulations and constantly updated technological tools. A commitment and a constant research allow PH Facility to identify the most suitable solutions to the specific needs of the individual customer, who relies on PH Facility for every single need, without feeling the weight of the system management, but fully enjoying the result of professionalism.

The style of responsibility

For us at PH facility “responsibility” is not just a word, but also a style, a clear commitment to our customers that every day leads us to analyze their needs according to some simple rules:

  • BEING OF HELP: Understanding the needs of the customer and advancing positive goals and appropriate solutions.
  • BEING CONSCIOUS: Being aware and attentive to the choices we make by acting in full legality.
  • BEING COMPETENT: Accepting a duty by taking responsibility for the operational choices within a complex regulatory system so that the Customer can rely on us with full transparency on the professionalism and advice received in each phase of the environmental project.
  • BEING PERSEVERANT: Never stopping in front of difficulties, always looking for the best solution with a view to continuous improvement of the service.
  • BEING RELIABLE: Giving proof to the Client, through the daily work we do, that the trust placed in us can continue to be such and make sure that our staff can focus on business activities, leaving us the technical and managerial difficulties of a difficult and particularly delicate sector.

Download our brochure

Download the institutional brochure of the Environmental Division and discover the company’s expertise, services and reliability in such a difficult and particularly delicate sector.

Finally, discover the successful cases and a staff that has many years of experience in the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, in Italy and abroad, both in commercial and plant terms.






Paolo Ghersi

RT – Managing Director

Tel. +39 010 3106228 r.a.

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